The i-Button is the ultimate information carrier for Cyberjaya DTS
1) What if I forget to bring my i-Button or do the online booking?
If the user forgets to bring the i-Button, user will not be allowed to board the bus.

2) How to do online booking?
User should log on to and login using their ID and password received by email. Once done, user can make booking accordingly. All changes, new bookings or cancellations need to be done at least 2 hours before the scheduled time.  

3) Can user hop on any bus at any time?
No, you may not, as all user details of route and shift time have been pre programmed. As this is a public transport service, which also caters for other companies around Cyberjaya, changes / cancellation to the booking, if any, the user need to do it online. Please be adviced that no passengers are allowed to stand, as they are not covered under their insurance liability policy and also to avoid regulatory problems with JPJ/APAD.

4) What if I lose or damage the i-Button due to negligence?
a) Users are responsible to report lost and damage of i-Button to Customer Call Centre at 1300 227 387.
b) A flat rate of RM50 will be applicable for replacement of lost or damaged i-Button.
c) A new i-Button can immediately be replaced by updating the new serial number and validity under the respective name.

5) What if the i-Button is not damaged by me, do I need to pay?
If it is due to product defect, confirmed by vendors, then the i-button will be replaced at no cost.

6) For example, my current route is R4 and my pick up point is at Complex Desa Kepong. The next pick up points are 1-Utama and Summit. If I miss the bus at the Kepong pick up point, will I be able to board the bus at either 1-Utama or Summit?
Yes, you may do so as long as the pick-up points are the registered routes/pick up points of your bus.

7) What do I do if the i-Button does not function even though I am boarding the bus from pick-up point that I have registered online?
Passengers will need to contact Customer Call Centre 1300 227 387 immediately to check on the booking status.

8) What if one i-Button is being shared by 2 or more passengers? Is it possible? For example; if a passenger forgets his/her i-Button, can another passenger (on the same route) swipe on their behalf?
No, you are not allowed. Passengers who do not bring the i-Button will not be allowed to board the bus.

9) Shift time has been pre programmed. What about if I have to do overtime?
If it is on a permanent basis, then you need to change through your online system booking. You can change your booking from the online booking in advance (2 hours before scheduled). It is advisable to plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

10) Can I hold the i-Button if I am not using the DTS bus services?
Passengers who do not use the i-Button must return it to Cyberview Sdn Bhd with immediate effect. I-button needs to be used at least 15 times per month to avoid from being deactivated. Deactivated i-Buttons that has not been returned within 3 months will be treated as lost and the RM50 deposit will be forfeited.     
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